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What is included in a Basic Templated Site?

Photo Gallery - Galleries have image files associated with them.

File Manager - Files can be documents or images - typically .pdf, MS Word or .jpg/.gifs. Images associated with a particular Photo Gallery appear in that gallery.

Category Manager - Categories make up the dynamic part of the website menu.

Record Manager - Records are text items that can be associated with any Category. Examples of Records would be Press Releases, Bulletins, Calendar Items, etc.

Text Records - Text Records are text items that are not associated with any other item on the site but are editable. These records contain content for items such as the site’s Privacy Policy, the About Us page, the Welcome Message, and other similar records. New Text Records may be created and the links to those new pages can be included in other areas of the website such as the welcome message, allowing for the creation of ad-hoc sub pages.
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